Connecting to Virtual ROGER

Posted on: August 3, 2018

Establishing a connection

Virtual ROGER’s nodes can be accessed via Secure Shell (SSH). Using your NetID and password, simply enter the connection string below into your command line/shell with your NetID.


Example screen on MobaXterm:


The shell will then prompt you to enter your password associated with your NetID.

In the example below you will see that when entering the password, the text will not appear. This is to ensure the protection of your credentials.

Example screen on MobaXterm:

If you have any issued regarding the access to Virtual ROGER, please contact

Default Shell

As stated above, connection to Virtual ROGER can only occur via the secure shell protocol. When your account is first activated, the default shell is set to bash. However, you can change to tcsh using the command below:

exec -l /bin/tcsh


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