NSF CAREER: Formalizing & Resolving Computational Intensity of Spatial Analysis to Establish a Cyber-GIS Framework

This project will transform the current state of play of the three fields GIScience, spatial analysis, and cyberinfrastructure, while creating a new subject domain of computational intensity. A novel theoretical approach to computational intensity will enhance spatial analysis methods integrated with cyberinfrastructure and GIS. The Cyber-GIS framework will be established by developing innovative algorithms and software components based on this approach. Both real and synthetic data within a science application context of discovering geographic patterns of global climate change impact on large-scale coupled human and natural systems will be used to evaluate this framework. The project will gain fundamental knowledge for coupling the capabilities of GIS, spatial analysis, and cyberinfrastructure and will, therefore, guide the development of emerging spatial cyberinfrastructure. While this project will outreach to underrepresented and minority groups as well as general public through an on-line Cyber-GIS platform, it holds a great promise to enable widespread scientific breakthroughs that are important to the nation and society.