DOE/NSF: Open Science Grid

The CyberGIS Center and the CyberInfrastructure and Geospatial Information (CIGI) Laboratory are part of the Open Science Grid (OSG), a national cyberinfrastructure that brings together distributed computing and storage resources from many campuses and diverse research communities. The CyberGIS Center and CIGI contribute technical and management expertise to OSG. Dr. Shaowen Wang has served two terms as a member of the OSG Council, which governs the OSG Consortium. Dr. Anand Padmanabhan is a member of the OSG Security team that is responsible for the OSG security framework. Additionally, we operate the CIGI Virtual Organization (VO) on the OSG which consists of members from earth and social sciences communities who develop and use geospatial information systems and technologies and allows our members to access High Throughput Computing (HTC) resources available through OSG.