CyberGIS Curriculum Workshop Position Papers

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Carol Ormand

What is the Role of CyberGIS in Teaching Students to Think Spatially

Dalia Varanka

An Online Introductory CyberGIS Course for Masters Degree Professionals

Daniel Goldberg and Forrest Bowlick

Beyond Widgetology: CyberGIS as a First Class Citizen in Departments of Geography

David Dibiase

What Curriculum Means, and Could Mean, for CyberGIS

Dillon Mahmoudi

Intentionality and Reflexivity in CyberGIS Data Power, Political Economy, and Programming

Eric Shook

CyberGIS in the Classroom Reflections and Projections

Jungwoo Ryoo, Soo-Yong Byun, Dongwon Lee and Eun-Kyeong Kim

Learning Big Data Analytics with Digital Storytelling

Mark Gahegan

Software Carpentry and the Research Bazaar as a solution to the cyber-skills gap

Michael Goodchild

Fundamentals of Big Data for CyberGIS

Mingshu Wang and Marguerite Madden

Bridging the Gap between Geography and Marketing Opportunities for CyberGIS

Ola Ahlqvist

Alignment of goals, assessment and activities in national GIST curriculum and BoK

Patricia Carbajales-Dale

Educating the next generation in cyberGIS Challenges Opportunities

Shakil Kashem and Bev Wilson

Advancing CyberGIS pedagogy for urban planning practice and research, existing gaps and future potentials

Xingong Li and Terry Slocum

CyberGIS Curriculum at the University of Kansas

Jennifer Swift

A practical approach to overcoming barriers to teaching CyberGIS-related science and skillsets in undergraduate and graduate curricula

Sujing Wang

Integrating Big Data Analysis and CyberGIS into Education

Diana Sinton

Position Statement
  • 03/18/2016